Willowbrook Veterinary Clinic - Radiology


The use of in-house radiography is fundamental to accurately diagnosing illness, disease and trauma in your pet. Radiographs enable our staff to diagnose your pet’s condition quickly and efficiently.


Ultrasound uses soundwaves to produce a real-time 3-D image of your pet’s internal organs. It is non-invasive and anesthesia is usually not required, although sometimes mild sedation is necessary. Ultrasound is ideal for more in-depth evaluation of soft tissues, primarily the heart and abdominal organs. It aids in the diagnosis of a variety of medical conditions, assesses damage and guides instruments into the body to collect tissue samples for testing.

In-House LaboratoryWillowbrook Veterinary Clinic - In-House Lab

Our in-house laboratory equipment allows us to perform tests that may indicate disease or infection. We routinely test for heartworm, tick borne diseases, FeLV/FIV viruses, fecal parasites and microscopic infections of the ear and skin. Urine testing is performed regularly to assist in determining causes of urinary tract disease. A baseline blood screen, performed in-house, is recommended for all pre-surgical patients and as a yearly blood screen for mature pets. This will also help up to quickly analyze kidney and liver, glucose and electrolyte function in our sick patients. We also utilize several outside reference laboratories if more extensive and complex tests are required.