As our pets age, their needs change. They are more susceptible to diseases and heal more slowly than when they were younger. Because of this, we recommend yearly blood screenings starting at the age of seven. The senior blood screening will assist our staff to detect and treat problems early and hopefully before they become serious. Our senior family members are also more prone to pain from arthritis. We will help you to learn to evaluate your pet’s pain and offer treatments to make your pet’s life more comfortable.


Nothing is more important than making sure that your pet’s remaining days are pain and stress free. We know that quality of life is a primary goal for the Family members of our four legged friends. Hospice is focused on giving pets a caring and comfortable end-of-life experience in their familiar environment. It is not geared toward curing a pet’s disease, but rather keeping the disease from causing discomfort. To allow pets and owners the maximum amount of quality time together, pet owners provide as much care as possible at home. We can help you learn to recognize signs of pain and what steps to take to keep your pet clean and comfortable.

End of Life Discussion

Saying goodbye to a long-time friend can be an extremely difficult and painful decision and deciding when is the right time for you and your pet can be the most difficult part. We can help you recognize some of the signs that will assist you in making that decision. Our job and goal is to make this most painful time as stress free as possible. We also offer this service in the privacy and comfort of your home.